May 1, 2015
Injecting Innovation into Public Transportation: A call for proposals from TransitCenter

Open Call title 5-01


Do you have what it takes?

We are experiencing one of the most dynamic eras in American urban transportation. And this is only the beginning.

TransitCenter, a philanthropy committed to improving urban transportation, seeks to fund fresh, new thinkers who are committed to overcoming barriers and catalyze systemic change in our transportation system in ways that contribute to sustainable urban vitality.

Schedule-01Though innovation in the transportation field proliferates, practical, new ideas have few opportunities to integrate into existing systems or scale to market. Communities that clamor for better ways of moving around the city are blocked by politics and the dysfunctions and bureaucracy of policy and financing. Our norms have become so entrenched that although many new ideas percolate today, still more challenges stand in the way of practical adoption.

TransitCenter will fund proposals that aim to overcome barriers in existing governance, policies, and practice in transportation that would increase urban vitality. Grants of $50,000 – 150,000 are available and all organizations are invited to apply.

Perhaps you have an idea that we haven’t heard of? Surprise us.

Learn more about the call for proposals here and to download a PDF of the RFP.

You can submit your letter of interest by June 1, 2015 via our online form at:

Any questions should be directed to [email protected].