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February 28, 2015
Live Ride Share


In February 2015, TransitCenter served as the primary financial sponsor of “Live Ride Share,” the first conference in Southern California dedicated to connecting the region’s growing public transit system to other forms of shared mobility like bike sharing, car sharing, ridesharing, vanpools, taxis and transportation network companies. Over 300 elected officials, agency staff, advocates and entrepreneurs attended to hear panel discussions and exchange ideas about the emerging trends in shared mobility.

TransitCenter’s executive Director David Bragdon gave the keynote presentation. Check it out below.

We chose to fund this event to help the greater Los Angeles region build on this commitment to new transit and connect it to new forms of transportation. Shared-use mobility is a natural complement to – not a replacement for – frequent fixed-route public transit like trains and buses.

The “Live Ride Share” conference was an exciting step forward, building on Los Angeles’ pre-existing commitment to transit and looking toward a future with other forms of shared mobility to supplement it. It was a fascinating day of shared ideas about street design, information technology, bikes and buses – plenty of new ways to ride and share and above all – to emphasize the first word of the conference title – to make Los Angeles a better place to live.


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