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August 11, 2021
Getting Started With the Transit Equity Dashboard

The Transit Equity Dashboard is TransitCenter’s new tool that visualizes disparities in transit access across race, class, and other characteristics in six major US transit regions. By measuring these disparities, the dashboard can help transit agencies and local governments craft transportation and land use policies that make transit access more equitable.

There’s a lot to explore in the dashboard. In this video tutorial, TransitCenter’s Mary Buchanan, who led its development, gives an overview of its features:

The tutorial can get you started interpreting the dashboard’s charts measuring disparities in transit access and travel time, and using the maps to:

  • Visualize changes in transit access to jobs and other destinations over time
  • Evaluate transit access to hospitals
  • Compare travel times on transit to travel times in a car
  • Assess how transit access diminishes for riders who can’t afford premium fares
  • Add layers of demographic information to the geographic visuals of transit access

You can also hear more about the dashboard in the latest episode of High Frequency, where TransitCenter’s Kapish Singla interviews Mary and Greater Greater Washington’s Ron Thompson about what the dashboard reveals.

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