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 Many of the country’s largest transit systems have seen declining ridership in recent years, but ridership trends vary significantly from city to city. In fact, ridership trends often vary significantly within any given city, for a complex and often locally-specific set of reasons. We’ve been hearing repeatedly from practitioners who are seeking to understand and respond to shifts in ridership.

In response, TransitCenter is starting a new Ridership Initiative to explore transit ridership trends, contextualize the drivers of those trends, and provide guidance for how city and agency leaders can respond. We hope to foster a more nuanced understanding of transit ridership and create a constructive dialog around how to preserve and build more ridership in cities across the U.S.

First up: TransitCenter’s Transit Ridership Recipe, the second installment of our Transit Tools series, which identifies the key characteristics of transit service that is most likely to attract riders.

Watch this space—we will have more to share soon. We’re seeking opportunities to engage with organizations and researchers in the coming months. If you have ideas or comments, or you’re interested in getting involved/staying in the loop as the Ridership Initiative moves forward, drop us a line at: [email protected]