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SFMTA’s Experiment with Real-Time Information

The SFMTA is undertaking an ambitious new program to improve real-time information for transit customers, making it easier to choose transit in one of the nation’s most diverse mobility ecosystems

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Increasing Transit’s Market Share: An Interview with the MBTA’s Laurel Paget-Seekins

This Ridership Initiative post, an interview with MBTA Director of Fare Policy and Analytics Laurel Paget-Seekins, is our latest showcasing the voices of transit agency staff who are working to understand and respond to declining ridership in their system.

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Transit, But For Other People

As we recently found, the demographics of most transit agency boards don’t match that of their riders. But some of the effects of this mismatch could be ameliorated if board members are at least consistent users of the systems they oversee.

Service Matters: Examining Ridership Trends in 25 North American Cities Over Time

While many factors influence transit ridership, a study from McGill University highlights the most important one: cities must properly fund their public transit operations, especially bus services, to ensure a steady increase in ridership.

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Setting a Transportation Agenda for the Nation

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Training the Transportation Leaders of Tomorrow


Many of the country’s largest transit systems have seen declining ridership in recent years, but ridership trends vary significantly from city to city. Read more.

Transit Agency Board Workshops

TransitCenter runs a dynamic training program for transit agency board members.

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Our grantmaking supports organizations improving transit and urban quality of life, strengthening neighborhoods, and building stronger, more accessible regions.

We offer several grant opportunities including our annual Open Call and a rolling grant program known as Dispatch grants.

Walk Bike Nashville

$65,357 granted to watchdog the city’s Vision Zero and WalknBike plan, which will make pedestrian access to transit a central part of Nashville’s transit debate.


$75,000 granted to LA-Más to push LA-region agencies to streamline the implementation of creative first/last mile interventions at transit stations and stops and to combat rising pedestrian deaths and sinking transit ridership in the second most populous region in the nation.

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