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About our Initiatives

We train leaders, transit boards and staff and transportation reform advocates to forge useful transit. Our research and communication tools inform those taking action to improve urban mobility. As a research organization, advocate, and funder, we are setting a transportation reform agenda for the nation.

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Many of the country’s largest transit systems have seen declining ridership in recent years, but ridership trends vary significantly from city to city. Read more.

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TransitCenter uses video to explore and explain policies that would improve public transit. Our videos tell stories of what’s working well in transit across the country, and what’s not. They’re designed to be used by transit agencies as well as advocates – check them out for yourself on our Vimeo page!

"Sometimes a two-minute video can make more of an impact than an 100 page report that took a year to write."
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TransitTools are a series of data and arguments for advocates furthering useful transit and vibrant cities. Check out our latest tool, a primer on the latest trend sweeping the transit industry Bus Network Redesign

And here’s a link to TransitTools #2,
Transit Ridership Recipe

And here’s a link to TransitTools #1,
Why Uber Won’t Kill Transit

Attracting a strong user base is not simply a matter of 'build transit and they will come.'
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2.5 million bus riders per day are forced to rely on service that is undependable and slow. TransitCenter has convened a coalition of advocates and civic technologists to implement proven solutions for the country’s busiest bus network. Learn more about the campaign here.

Turning around New York's bus system takes the same determination and optimism that turned the City's subway system from its greatest liability into its greatest asset.
– Gene Russianoff, NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign
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TransitCenter runs a dynamic training program for transit agency board members.

Transit agency boards have the power—often more so than agency staff or elected officials—to craft policies and set out visions that make transit stronger and more useful.
-Stephanie Lotshaw, Program Director