Private Mobility, Public Interest

The rise of emerging mobility services such as car-sharing, bike-sharing and on-demand services poses an unprecedented opportunity — and a challenge — to public transit. A wide variety of new partnerships, business models and technical innovations have been launched in just a few years, and are by far the most discussed and debated aspects of urban transportation policy today.

Done right, these partnerships could prove instrumental in improving customer choice, offering more efficient transportation, and giving transit agencies new data and analytic capabilities. Structured poorly, such deals could undermine transit by shifting riders from transit to street-clogging car-based services.  How best to proceed?

TransitCenter and the New Cities Foundation hosted a conversation with ride-sharing, bike-sharing and transit experts to discuss the emerging mobility mix, and how cities can optimize transit while embracing new opportunities.

Experts included:

Zak Accuardi, Program Analyst, TransitCenter
Greg Lindsay, Senior Fellow, New Cities Foundation
Dani Simons, Director of Communications & External Affairs, Motivate
Joe Iacobucci, Director of Transit, Sam Schwartz
Deborah Schrimmer, Transportation Partnerships Analyst, LYFT

For more information on Private Mobility, Public Interest, download our report here.