Future Fares: how transit riders can benefit after the MetroCard

New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is in the process of selecting a fare payment system to replace the aging MetroCard.  The new fare payment creates the potential to usher in the introduction of all-door bus boarding, a key transit operating reform that could help the city’s bus system reverse declining travel speeds, service and ridership.

TransitCenter hosted a panel of international experts on transit fare payment systems, with focus on cities that allow bus passengers to board through all bus doors.


Matthew Hudson, Head of Business Development, Transport for London

Christian Fjaer, Payment Solutions Officer, Ruter, Transit Agency of Oslo, Norway

Julie Kirschbaum, Operations Planning & Scheduling Manager, San Francisco Muni

David Block-Schachter, Chief Technology Officer, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority


Jon Orcutt, Director of Advocacy & Communications, TransitCenter

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