TransitCenter is a foundation that works to improve public transit in ways that make cities more just, environmentally sustainable, and economically vibrant. We know that frequent, fast, reliable public transit is essential for cities to thrive.

Our experience is that the greatest challenges facing transit are human, not technological, and that transit reform depends on high-performing public agencies and strong citizen-led advocacy. To that end, we support, inform, connect, and fund the civic and public leaders working to make transit better.

We are also advocates ourselves. Through grantmaking, research, technical assistance, and public programs, we provide a practical transportation agenda for cities across the country.

In recent years, we have:

  • Helped grow a national network of transit advocates, through dozens of grants and multiple advocacy convenings.
  • Surveyed thousands of transit riders to build our understanding of how people use transit, and commissioned and conducted research into how public agencies can deliver public transportation.
  • Hosted workshops with scores of transit board members and staff to enable faster learning within the transit industry.
  • Told stories of transit success and failure from around the country through films and The Connection blog.
  • Led efforts to reform transit in America’s transit capital, New York City, putting bus improvement and subway accessibility on the agenda in new ways.
  • Established ourselves as an intellectual hub in New York, hosting dozens of events and programs to grow the public’s understanding of transit.

We won’t stop because we can’t stop. There are too many cities that need to turnaround their transit systems, too many agency staff who need champions for their good work, and far too many transit riders who deserve better. As such, we will continue to seek out and support people who are working in the public’s interest to improve transit.

Perhaps that could be you! We invite you to learn more about how we are setting the transportation agenda for the country and putting transit in the center of cities.stopline