Oct 06, 2016

NYC BusTurnaround Report Card


Is your New York bus route in need of a turnaround?

Find out with the NYC Bus Turnaround report card. See how your bus route ranks in terms of speed, bunching, and ridership and learn what can be done to make NYC’s buses better.


BusTurnaround.NYC Launch Event

Every day, New Yorkers take 2.5 million bus rides on a system that is slower and less reliable than at any other point in the city’s recent history. Together with Riders Alliance, the Straphangers Campaign, and the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, TransitCenter is convening a group of New Yorkers determined to reverse declining performance and ridership on the country’s busiest bus network by implementing proven solutions.

In the report we released in July, “Turnaround: Fixing New York City’s Buses,” we outline several concrete solutions that can be applied to make New York’s buses work better for riders. Today we’re releasing a new website, busturnaround.nyc where you can see how your bus route stacks up to your fellow New Yorker’s. And don’t forget to vent your bus woes with Rider Alliance here.



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