Fair Fare Enforcement? Collecting fares and all door bus boarding in NYC

All door bus boarding reduces time spent at bus stops, makes it easier for passengers to board, and improves the safety of bus drivers by removing them from a fare monitoring role. This is why it’s a huge step forward that MTA’s Bus Action Plan commits the vast New York City bus system to all door boarding. However, systems with all-door boarding typically include proof-of-payment fare enforcement by roving inspectors or transit police. Without well-crafted strategies, spot enforcement can increase risk of selective or racialized policing and criminalization of poverty.

How can we make bus service better while ensuring that transit remains welcoming for all?

Join TransitCenter to hear how transit agencies and community advocates have worked to do both. The panel will discuss the problem of targeted fare evasion arrests in New York City, and discuss MTA’s plan to implement all-door boarding.


Darryl Irick, President at MTA Bus Operations
New York City Transit (NYCT)

Laura Wiens, Director
Pittsburghers for Public Transit

Jason Lee, Program Manager, Technology
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)

Harold Stolper, Senior Economist
Community Service Society


Tabitha Decker, Deputy Executive Director

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