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Winning Transit: The Cincinnati Story

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Eighteen years ago, voters in greater Cincinnati rejected a proposal to expand the region’s transit system by more than 2 to 1. This spring, the votes told a very different story: A measure to expand Cincinnati transit service captured a majority of votes in Hamilton County, even with most of the ballots cast during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

What changed between then and now?

One of the major differences is the emergence of the Better Bus Coalition. Founded in 2017 and led by Cam Hardy, the Better Bus Coalition quickly established itself as a voice for Cincinnati bus riders, winning improvements like better seating at bus stops and the city’s first dedicated bus lane. Those early victories made a tangible difference for riders while building credibility and relationships that would prove invaluable during the county-wide transit referendum campaign.

Transit systems will face headwinds as a result of COVID-19, but the Better Bus Coalition’s big win at the ballot box shows that savvy, rider-focused advocacy can still prevail. Join Cam Hardy and TransitCenter Executive Director David Bragdon for a conversation about how transit advocates can build power and achieve major improvements for riders despite challenging political terrain.

In conversation:

David Bragdon, Executive Director, TransitCenter

Cam Hardy, President, Better Bus Coalition

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The webinar begins at 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific.