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Who Rules Transit: A conversation with Mayor Cantrell

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Every day, public agencies make decisions that affect the economic status and social well-being of citizens and communities. Too often, these important decisions are entrusted to leadership and staff who do not reflect the diversity of those most affected.

As our “Who Rules Transit?” report reveals, white people hold a majority of leadership positions on transit agency boards, despite making up less than half of transit riders. This disconnect between “who decides” and “who rides” often means that the experiences of those who actually ride transit aren’t factored into agency decision-making.

New Orleans’ Mayor Cantrell stands out as a leader in her appointments to the New Orleans RTA board, where she has used her authority to ensure the board is representative of riders and is composed of people who use the system themselves. Join us for a conversation where we learn from New Orleans’ example on increasing representation on boards that better reflects the communities that public agencies preside over.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell (New Orleans) in conversation with Jessica Cruz (Advocacy & Organizing Program Manager, TransitCenter)