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Using the Transit Equity Dashboard: A Primer

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Transit can serve as a “ladder of opportunity,” providing affordable connections to all the essentials of daily life. But sparse service and disparities in transit access linked to race and economic status undermine transit’s role as a social equalizer.

TransitCenter recently released the Transit Equity Dashboard to illuminate these disparities. Using this information, transit agencies, transportation departments, and other local government agencies can assess progress toward creating more equitable transportation and land use, and prioritize the needs of people who have historically been marginalized by segregation and discrimination.

Join us for a look at how the dashboard works, what we can learn from it, and where it fits into initiatives to improve transit and make transportation and land use more equitable.


Naomi Iwasaki, Senior Director, Office of Equity and Race, LA Metro

Dr. Alex Karner, Assistant Professor, UT-Austin School of Architecture

Ron Thompson, Policy Officer, Greater Greater Washington


Mary Buchanan, Senior Research Associate, TransitCenter