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Unlocking Commuter Rail Access, Part 2: Learning from Toronto & the Bay Area

Link to archived livestream of the event. 

Globally, many transit agencies have transformed commuter rail service from a model that mainly serves 9-to-5 workers from bedroom communities into “regional rail” that provides frequent all-day service that both urban and suburban residents use for all types of trips. But in most North American cities, older commuter rail service patterns still predominate. Now that’s beginning to change, as some agencies like Metrolinx in Toronto and Caltrain in the Bay Area put forward ambitious, rider-centric plans to progress toward a regional rail model.

What lessons can we learn from agencies that are overhauling commuter rail service for the 21st Century? What would need to change at U.S. rail agencies in order to run more frequent service and lower the fares? How can advocates best influence the conversation? Join us for an evening panel featuring some of the most preeminent thinkers in the field.


Adina Levin, Executive Director at Friends of Caltrain

Howard Permut, Management Consultant at Permut Consulting LLC

Sebastian Petty, Director of Policy Development at Caltrain

Phil Verster, CEO & President at Metrolinx


Steven Higashide, Director of Research at TransitCenter

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