Time to Take it Back? Can New York City re-take control of its subways and buses?

A Far-Reaching Discussion of MTA Governance

Link to archived livestream of the event

There’s one way to end Gov. Cuomo’s denial that he controls NYC buses and subways: make his statement true, by returning transit to city control. Today’s state-induced “emergency” at the MTA has increased calls for local control of transit, along with taxation and tolling power necessary to support high quality transit. City Council leaders have become vocal on the point that city officials most directly represent New York City Transit’s system’s users and taxpayers.

Is it time to say that the half-century experiment of state-controlled authority over NYC transit has proven to be unaccountable and insufficient, and that New York should join London, Paris, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in making its local transit accountable to locally-elected leaders?

Join TransitCenter for a far-reaching discussion of MTA governance.


Bradley Tusk, Venture capitalist, Political strategist & Writer Tusk Strategies

Rachael Fauss, Senior Research Analyst Reinvent Albany

Peter A. Peyser, Principal Peyser Associates


David Bragdon, Executive Director TransitCenter

Event is free & open to the public