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Setting NYC’s Buses Up for Success

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New York City bus service is at an inflection point. Already struggling before COVID, the pandemic has layered on new challenges, scrambling trip patterns and causing a shift to car travel. Making the bus a fast, appealing travel option is not getting any easier.

At the same time, the MTA and NYC DOT are poised for breakthroughs like redesigned bus networks and a new wave of bus priority projects to keep transit riders moving, thanks to the Streets Master Plan. Taken altogether, these initiatives may comprise the most significant program of transit improvement in the nation – if implementation moves forward.

The next few years will determine whether efforts to reform bus service succeed. How can agency leaders work together to provide great bus service in New York City, given the effects of COVID? What do they view as the major challenges to overcome, and how do they intend to move forward with reforms that will make buses faster and more reliable for riders?


Craig Cipriano, Chief Operating Officer, MTA

Ydanis Rodriguez, Commissioner, NYC DOT


Renae Reynolds, Executive Director, Tri-State Transportation Campaign

This webinar is co-hosted by TransitCenter & Tri-State Transportation Campaign