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Pushing the Edge: Changing Transit for Changing Suburbs

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American suburbs are diversifying and becoming more dense. And yet, far too many remain stuck in the mid-20th century paradigm of near-total car dependence, with skeletal and slow bus service. Demographic change is only just starting to translate to change to old suburban power structures. This mismatch between what residents need and what legislators are delivering is a big drag on opportunity and productivity. 

Join TransitCenter for a conversation with the people who are working to put transit on the agenda in suburbs and small cities. We’ll hear from advocates about a recent successful referendum that will expand transit in the Detroit suburbs, and campaigns to spotlight elected leaders’ neglect of bus service in New Jersey and Westchester County. We’ll also hear a Seattle-area elected leader’s perspective on how to achieve successful city and suburban transit cooperation.


Megan Owens, Executive Director, Transportation Riders United (Detroit)

Ed Prince, Councilmember, Renton City Council & Sound Transit Board Director

Renae Reynolds, Executive Director, Tri-State Transportation Campaign


David Bragdon, Executive Director, TransitCenter

Photo credit: Transportation Riders United