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Priced Out: How Transit Agencies Are Responding to the Housing Crisis

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America’s housing crisis is pushing transit riders with low incomes out of transit-rich neighborhoods. These demographic changes have contributed to declining transit ridership in cities across the country.

Recognizing the imperative to prevent riders from being priced out of access to good transit, agencies are taking action. Some transit agencies are changing bus routes to better reflect where riders live and work. Others are developing affordable housing on land they own, or coordinating with cities and developers to provide diverse housing and job opportunities near transit.

What kind of partnerships should agencies pursue to ensure that transit remains accessible to the people who need it most? How can agencies promotes affordability in transit-oriented development projects? How should agencies balance adding more coverage to new areas of need against improving existing service? And how can advocates best push the conversation forward? Expect a lively discussion on one of the most pressing topics facing the transit industry today.


Chessy Brady, Manager, Transit Oriented Development at Regional Transportation District

Tom Mills, Manager, Service Planning at TriMet

Maya Rosas, Director of Policy at Circulate San Diego

Olivia Segura, Senior Manager, Transportation Planning at Metro Los Angeles


Mary Buchanan, Research Associate at TransitCenter

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