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Parking is Powerful

Presentation of All Transportation is Local

TransitCenter invites you to the first event in a three-part series, All Transportation is Local, that delves into the content and recommendations from TransitCenter’s new transportation policy guide for mayors and city leaders. Join us for our first installment: Parking is Powerful.

Parking supply, price and regulation are some of the most powerful determinants of how people get around in a city, and parking policy reform is a key recommendation of All Transportation is Local. When the public sector forces developers to overbuild parking, cities become less walkable and transit-accessible. Cities with effective transit require less parking, but not all cities seeking to expand transit use have addressed parking policy. TransitCenter will be joined by Minneapolis City Council member Lisa Bender, parking policy expert Rachel Weinberger, and Deputy Chief of Staff for NYC Councilmember Ydanis Rodriguez, Russell Murphy, to discuss how parking affects transportation demand, the most advanced American parking reform stories and what NYC should be doing.

Event is free and open to the public