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Operators in Crisis: How Did We Get Here?

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Across the country, a bus operator shortfall is causing huge disruptions at transit agencies. 71% of agencies recently surveyed by the American Public Transportation Association reported that they have either had to cut service or delay service increases because of worker shortfalls. More than nine in ten public transit agencies stated that they are having difficulty hiring new employees. And nearly two-thirds of agencies have indicated that they’re having difficulty retaining operators.

TransitCenter’s report, Bus Operators in Crisis, makes the case that to tackle operator shortfalls, the transit industry must dramatically improve the quality of the job. Operators are the backbone of the industry—they deserve better compensation, paths for advancement, and the opportunity to influence their working conditions.

Please join us for a panel discussion to launch the report that will discuss the causes of the bus operator shortfall, and detail how this issue grew into a crisis afflicting agencies across the country. We will hear from representatives from across the transit industry that can speak to the experience of driving a bus, detail the issues that impact job quality, and begin articulating what agencies can do to solve this crisis.


Nadine Lee, President & Chief Executive Officer, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

Jessica Meaney, Executive Director, Investing in Place

Patrick Parents, Founder, The Bus Bridge


Chris Van Eyken, Program Manager, TransitCenter