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How to Return to a New Normal: Trends as Europe Reopens

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COVID-19 is forcing change to how people live and work. As residents shift their day-to-day behaviors, with little clarity on how soon society will go “back to normal,” transit agencies face an uncertain future.

Examples emerging from international cities illustrate how transit and mobility systems can re-open. Europe’s return, which is a few weeks ahead of the U.S., provides valuable real-time solutions and lessons for American transit agencies as they begin to welcome back passengers.

Join TransitCenter for a conversation with UITP, the Belgium-based international organization for public transport authorities and operators. We will discuss the travel demand trends seen across Europe and explore the solutions transit operators and authorities have implemented over the last few months.

In conversation:

Chris Van Eyken, Senior Program Associate, Improving Agency Practice at TransitCenter

Karine Sbirrazzuoli, Deputy Director of Knowledge and Innovation and Head of Data Unit at UITP