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How to Return to a New Normal: The Shenzhen Bus Story

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This talk is part of TransitCenter’s “Transit and COVID-19: The Online Event Series”

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, transit agencies have drastically modified service patterns as cities and state governments have instituted physical distancing measures. As residents shift their day-to-day behaviors, with little clarity on how soon society will go “back to normal,” agencies face an uncertain future.

Agencies in other countries have had to grapple with these issues before U.S. cities. First struck by COVID-19 in mid-January, Shenzhen, China, can provide valuable insight into what transit agencies should expect as cities reopen.

This conversation will explore the Shenzhen Bus Group’s emergency response – including service delivery on its 330 bus routes, protecting its 30,000 workers, and how the agency is handling the resumption of activity in the post-COVID world.

In conversation:

Stephanie Lotshaw, Program Director, Improving Agency Practice at TransitCenter

Joe Ma, Deputy General Manager, Shenzhen Bus Group

Hallie Lao, Head of International Development, Shenzhen Bus Group

Please note: This is a webinar on Zoom. For security purposes, only registered Zoom users will be able to RSVP.