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Hope in Trying Times: A Conversation with Transit Industry Leaders

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This is a challenging moment for the transit industry. We’re feeling it—you’re probably feeling it—and many transit agencies are definitely feeling it.

Since the pandemic struck, more people have woken up to transit’s essential role in American life, given that transit quite literally kept people moving and cities running during the first waves of COVID. 

But at the same time, the durable, pandemic-initiated shift to work from home has resulted in ridership declines that pose serious challenges for transit agency budgets. Many agencies are facing fiscal cliffs that, if not addressed, will result in service cuts that could initiate a transit death spiral. The pandemic also magnified long standing issues for agencies like the overemphasis on planning for 9-to-5 commutes, difficulties retaining frontline and central office staff, and major resource constraints that hold transit back from being able to truly compete with driving. 

Where do we go from here? Join TransitCenter for a conversation with transit agency CEOs who are working to put a more sustainable—and even exciting!—vision for the industry forward.


Darryl Haley, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority/Metro

Robert Powers, General Manager, Bay Area Rapid Transit

Julie Timm, Chief Executive Officer, Sound Transit


Stephanie Lotshaw, Acting Executive Director, TransitCenter