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Do Not Track: Managing Data Privacy in Fare Payment

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Public transit agencies nationwide are adopting a new generation of fare collection systems. They see the potential for new payment methods—or fare media—to make transactions more convenient and improve transit operations and service delivery. Possible benefits include faster bus boarding and the integration of fare policy across modes and agencies within a single metro area.

At the same time, new fare media raise legitimate individual privacy concerns. Namely, they have the potential to significantly increase the personal data generated and collected by transit agencies, as well as the private companies that agencies contract or partner with.

Join us for a wide-ranging discussion of new fare media and what transit agencies and riders can do to mitigate these privacy concerns.  This panel follows the release of TransitCenter’s Do Not Track report.


Mizue Aizeki, Interim Executive Director, Immigrant Defense Project

Albert Fox Cahn, Esq. Executive Director, Surveillance Technology Oversight Project at The Urban Justice Center

Carol Kuester, Director of Electronic Payments, Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Tom Pera, Program Associate, TransitCenter


George Joseph, Reporter, WNYC/Gothamist

This webinar is co-sponsored with Surveillance Technology Oversight Project