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A New Day at USDOT?

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President Biden and USDOT Secretary Buttigieg have given transportation policy an unusually high profile in the new administration. A hundred days into the new term, it’s time to check in on the course they are setting and assess the potential for transit-supportive policy change from the federal government.

Following key appointments, what skills and perspectives are now in place at senior levels of USDOT? What are the important federal rules and regulations DOT should address to create a more sustainable and equitable transportation system? How might the Biden Administration set national policy that shapes transportation decisions at the state and local level? What can we glean about the White House’s transportation priorities so far, and what are the opportunities and risks we can foresee?

Join us for an insightful discussion of personnel, policy, and possibilities for change with new leadership in charge at USDOT.


Yonah Freemark, Senior Research Associate, Urban Institute

Stephanie Gidigbi Jenkins, Director of Policy & Partnerships, Natural Resources Defense Council

Beth Osborne, Director, Transportation for America


Steven Higashide, Director of Research, TransitCenter

Co-presented with Transportation for America and Natural Resources Defense Council