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A Better Bus Network For The Bronx

A Panel Discussion

Link to archived livestream of the event.

The ongoing redesign of the MTA’s bus network holds huge promise for millions of New Yorkers. Bus service in the city has been deteriorating for more than a decade, but by rethinking bus routes and working with NYC DOT on transit priority, the MTA can give riders faster trips, shorter wait times, and greater reliability.

The MTA is soon expected to deliver the next installment in its citywide bus design network redesign with a plan for the Bronx, the borough with the highest bus ridership per capita. How did the MTA pursue this major undertaking? What should riders expect when it’s complete? What will success look like?

Join TransitCenter for a lively discussion featuring New York City Transit President Andy Byford, Bronx bus riders, and experts on bus network redesign.


Andy Byford, President at New York City Transit

Stephanie Burgos-Veras, Senior Organizer at Riders Alliance

Nivardo Lopez, Bronx Borough Commissioner at NYC DOT

Christof Spieler, VP & Director of Planning at Huitt-Zollars, Senior Lecturer at Rice University, and Board Member at TransitCenter


Ashley Pryce, Advocacy Associate at TransitCenter