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December 12, 2017
Best Worst Most

Somehow we survived 2017. For the second year in a row, here’s your look back at the most brilliant and baffling transportation developments: 

1. Best Zeitgeist Tweet: microtransit and Silicon Valley hype – they’re here!

2. Far Worse Than You Even Imagined: NY Times “Systemic Failure” reporting on NYC subway.

3. Best Transit Music Video: Waiting for the Light dethrones the TARQ Bus Rack Rap.

(Video We’re Waiting For: YES FLEX ZONE).

5. Best Policy Development: LA, Denver and Nashville all start transit walkability programs

6. Best Inadvertent Ad for Transit: Uber’s “Let’s Unlock Cities.”

7. First U.S. President in Our Lifetimes That Couldn’t Be Bothered to Appoint Federal Highway and Transit Administrators.

Transportation Secretary as chart-holder

8. Most Quotable Mayor: Megan Barry of Nashville – “my top three priorities are transit, transit, transit.

9. Mayor No One Can Figure Out.

(Also winner: One Day News Cycle award for his “Clear Lane” congestion plan).

10. Bad Motives, But a Pretty Decent Look Back at NYC’s Transit Summer of Hell.

11. Most Brutal Major Takeaway: D Magazine & University of Texas Arlington Institute of Urban Studies: “DART fails at its core function as a public transit agency.

(The good news: DART also wins for Best Transit Agency Housecleaning.)

12. Hottest Trend Story: Governing’s look at redesigning bus networks.

13. Ill-Conceived Transit Omen of the Year: “ticket revenue doesn’t even cover the cost of selling tickets.

14. You Knew it Was True, Now There’s Data: Uber is in fact clogging our streets. 

15. Best Lede and Title: Joe Cortwright/City Observatory: “Pollyanna’s Ridesharing Breakthrough.”

“We’ve developed a calloused disregard for the uncritical techno-optimism that surrounds most media stories about self-driving cars and how fleets of shared-ride vehicles will neatly solve all of our urban transportation problems.”

16. Someone Actually Wrote This! But thanks for the reassurance that the idea could be changed and the fares are still up for debate.

17. Meanwhile, Back in the Real World: The Future of Fare Collection in Philly – There Will be Coins.

18.Tinnest Ear: Regional Plan Association plan for nighttime NYC subway closure panned by MTA chair, the Mayor, RPA’s own board chair and everyone else.

19. Best Leak – NYC City Hall memo says BQX unbuildable.

Standing still in Brooklyn.

20. One Way to do Transit Social Media.

21. Best Tweet About TransitCenter:

22. Not Talking About Transit Award: SEPTA general manager’s page.

23. Good News Beyond the (Q-Line) Headlines – Detroit’s bus turnaround.

24. Tale of Two High-Rise Cities (one’s transit system somehow manages to build and run elevators).

25. Evergreen 🌲🌲🌲🌲: donate to your local transit advocacy org.

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