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June 15, 2016
A Center for Transit

TransitCenter moved into new offices in Lower Manhattan in March. (Unhappy with the 9.9 AllTransit Performance Score at our old address in SoHo, our new space at 1 Whitehall Street scores a perfect 10.) A variety of finishing touches have been in progress since then, but the space is now nearly done.

In addition to the usual workstations and conference rooms, TransitCenter’s office is intended to be a gathering space—not just for us, but also for our allies in the transportation world in New York and elsewhere. We are delighted to be able to host an evolving schedule of events, from topical symposia and guest speakers to informal meetings of transportation managers, planners, advocates, and researchers.  

The trial run for our new office was a panel Monday night, organized by the Regional Plan Association and Transportation Alternatives, on the future of Manhattan’s 14th Street in light of the impending shutdown of the L train tunnels to Brooklyn. The panel featured Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg, Manhattan borough president Gale Brewer, RPA’s Juliette Michaelson, and Jan Gehl and Jeff Risom of Gehl Architects.

TransitCenter’s “office-warming” reception followed the next evening. Our staff and board were joined by friends from transportation agencies, planning and advocacy nonprofits, transportation companies, journalists, and bloggers.

The two events this week were the first of what will be dozens—perhaps even hundreds—to come. Be sure to check our website for updates as we make the TransitCenter headquarters New York’s go-to venue for transportation discussion and debate.

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