Oct 03, 2018

Boston Seeks Transit Team and Other Street Fighters

Streets and policy priorities are changing in Boston. To accelerate the transformation, the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) is advertising 20 new positions. The expanded staff will allow the city to implement more bus lanes, additional street safety projects and a better bike network more quickly.

Mayor Marty Walsh announced the move last spring. Now the hiring process has started and BTD wants to hear from motivated planners, engineers and others ready to open a new chapter on some of America’s most historic streets.

The plan creates the first positions ever devoted to transit within BTD. Boston created its first new bus facility in 10 years this summer — the highly successful Washington Street bus lane. MBTA bus routes within Boston are generally heavily used, but suffer from worsening congestion. Cities where transit is thriving or at least holding steady today have city governments and street departments as leaders or active partners in transit policy. Boston will deepen its commitment in this area with the BTD’s new Transit Team.  

Some of the other slots for new BTD staffers are:

A Vision Zero and active transportation team that will improve intersections and crossings for cyclists and pedestrians, expand the bike network, and slow traffic to reduce collisions and injuries.

A signals team to deploy new signal technology in order in facilitate transit reliability and traffic safety throughout the city.

A “new mobility” team” to integrate useful technology into agency practice and manage relationships with private transportation companies, developers, and employers.

Boston has always been one of America’s top walking cities, and is built upon a solid transit foundation. It’s also bursting with development and growth, so making streets more efficient and functional for more people is imperative. Consider getting in at the ground floor of what is shaping up as America’s next top sustainable streets city.


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